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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy The privacy policy of the seller.

Lovelovemac.com (store) a policy of protecting the privacy of all users. In order to build confidence and trust in the service of the store. Please be as follows:
1.) The privacy of our users.

1.1 Personal Information The majority of people Or through computer processing of all stores. You acknowledge and agree that the rights and ownership of the store. The store will also do their best. To protect such personal information.
1.2 stores with confidentiality. Security for personal information Standard for secure electronic transactions Knicks, the data will be protected by the system. SSL is an encryption system. Received the most advanced international standards and systems. The current one For the safety of your personal information users must abide by the Terms of Service and the website of the merchant certificate.
1.3 In the event that you receive damaged. Arising from loss Or damage of personal data Or resulting from any cause This includes but is not limited. Caused by theft By electronic means (hack) or due to force majeure. Whether or not any of the store reserves the right to deny any liability from such events. And stores not responsible for any damages that occur at all.
1.4 The User agrees that Will not do anything which is against the law. And / or good morals of the people. It does not apply to the content of the website content delivery including the text, images or animations. Abusive, disrespectful friction characteristics. Cause conflicts or false, including text and images that are contrary to law. Public morality or Publishers through their website Or any other actions that may cause loss or damage to the store. And / or any third party If it turns out that there are a product offering. And / or provide A polished look Violation of the law, according to the text of this paragraph or stores any reason to doubt. That such information is untrue, inaccurate, store, we reserve the right to close the site. Without notice and shops are not responsible for any damage.
2.) The privacy of our users.
Store's policy to respect the privacy of our customers shop will not correct the data stores unless there is a belief that good. Such actions Needed in order to
   Made according to the legal process.
   To protect and defend the rights or property of the store.
   To enforce compliance with the conditions of service of the store.
   Act to protect the interests of the other guests.
3.) No agency, partnership, or any other legal relationship.
Merchants have no agency, partnership, or have any legal relationship with the agency company stores any person wishes to store. If there are any others The information in this notification Or told to do besides shop sites listed. If you cause damage Users Users Or outsiders Do not create rights, liabilities and / or obligations. The law does not say any of the stores. Owner of the information, service users of the site. And outsiders
4.) legal rights
All contents of this website stores. The content that is protected by law. By the law of stores if any counterfeit copy, reproduce, alter public. Or act in any manner to exploitation. Trade or The wrongful Whether in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of the store. Stores will take legal action against such abuses immediately.
5.) Update Privacy Policy.
May be updated Privacy Policy Editor of the seller. Without notice to the customer in advance. The appropriate And efficient service. We ask that users read the privacy policy of any user. The use of the store.