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About us

    Hippo Phone has a shop located on MBK Many Repair. communications equipment And other equipment from the Apple brand.

Hippo Phone product from a product standard. And related equipment such as computers equipped Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Macbook Case for a good color to wear specially made. Heat capacity Can plug the day The unit does not heat Guarantee excellent quality. As well as other devices Related products such as bags, put Macbook, Mini DisplayPort to HDMI VGA DVI (line out the screen from Macbook to TV and projector), silicone keyboard, silicone cover, Magic Mouse, silicone ports, bag Macbook. , second hand, palm card, screen protector, cartoon sticker for Macbook and so on.
In addition, we also provide repair Macbook, iPhone, iPad, iPod and mobile phone Samsung covers symptoms. On the engine Installation Services, Application, the upgrade program which is situated on the Macbook Models exchange devices. Starting from the front To open up the site To serve as a convenience to customers as a lovelovemac.com. This information can be provided in the shop and also updated prices of various commodities. From the page, too


MBK Center, 4th Floor, (Lock 4B-65).
Tel: 081-655-6554, 089-546-5555
Open daily from 10.30 - 20.00.